“I’m extremely pleased with the work and expertise that Series VAR has provided. We talked weekly to ensure any issues were worked out. Service has been solid, personnel knowledgeable and the follow up excellent. This has been such a success for us that I strongly encourage other hospitals to use Series VAR to exploit IBM’s partitioning technology.”

Carol Ciancio, CIO Beaver Dam Community Hospital

“I’ve been at Regional West for exactly two years and I was contacted by Series VAR very shortly after I arrived. In 2002, we purchased the iSeries model 820 upgrade and a 3 year Operating System subscription. Lawrence Walter, Support Supervisor at Regional West was so impressed with Series VAR’s service that he asked them to quote for everything on our next upgrade (a model 520 upgrade with O/S upgrade and data migration). In the past, we had IBM do the hardware installation, O/S upgrade and setup. But this time, Series VAR did everything and was able to save us 18 hours on the upgrade and it cost $5,000 less. Yes, that’s not a typo…18 hours!”

Laura Looney, IS Director Regional West Medical Center, NE

“We had tons of maintenance contracts with IBM and were literally getting hundreds of invoices at all times of the year. It was such a nightmare! I would have to research AP paperwork for IBM invoices to prove that IBM was billing us for equipment removed from maintenance contracts years earlier. Yavapai finally has one contract, billed once a year, with everything we own and nothing we don’t. I am saving 3-5 hours a week now that I don’t have to track down equipment to verify the accuracy of all those invoices.”

Dave Vinson, Operations Support Technician Yavapai Hospital, AZ

“We had several IBM contracts, all billing at different times of the year. It seemed like every month we were paying something. It was very cumbersome! Lori was persistant and I truly am grateful for that. She consolidated all my maintenance agreements into one invoice – saving me a lot of time and money! Lori is thorough, professional and very knowledgeable. I am glad she is on the Series Team.”


Bill Okuma, IS Director South Georgia Medical Center

“Series VAR account reps could talk the lingo with us. They were familiar with the McKesson software and database files along with an in-depth knowledge of the IBM iSeries – they knew what they were talking about. That gave us a large comfort factor. We could not have been more pleased with the attention and training they gave us.”


Debbie Moore, Sr. Series i Programmer Anderson Area Medical Center

“System Availability from Series VAR is very stable – very resilient! It was a complete success! I wouldn’t do something on this scale with someone unfamiliar with my environment.”


Michael Botticelli Assoc. Director of Data Center Ops Staten Island University Hospital

“McKesson Series 2000™, at this time, does not certify any third party HA solution, but when one of our customers calls us requesting information on high availability we always tell them to call Steve Larkin at Series VAR. As our exclusive IBM Business Partner, Steve has done great things using his company’s expertise and Vision Solutions’ product to provide our Series customers with what they need – redundant systems. I would highly recommend Series VAR because of their expertise and the number of our large customers that have implemented HA with them and the outstanding success they have had. No one wants to be a beta on this size project.”


Steve Akerson Exec. Director of Research & Development McKesson Information Solutions